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Frequently Asked Questions

At the Pinery we strive to make your event effortless. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that the staff at the Pinery at the Hill would like to make available to you!


How do I setup a time to tour your venue?

Times for appointments vary from day to day and are based on availability. Please call The Hill at 719.634.7772 to schedule a specific time to tour the facility. Saturday availability for appointments is limited.

Do I have to purchase a wedding package if I don’t require all the services offered or can I rent your facility by the hour?

One of our four wedding packages must be purchased and the Pinery at The Hill must provide all services listed in the package. Packages are not customizable and the facility cannot be rented by the hour.

When do I need to give my final guest count?

The final guest count needs to be provided 14 days prior to the wedding.

When I pay the $5,000 deposit to book my wedding date, when is the remaining balance due?

75% of the estimated event cost is due 90 prior to the event, less the $5,000 initial deposit. The remaining balance must be paid in full 14 days prior to the event.

What if my guest count exceeds the 200-person maximum?

Our venue can comfortably accommodate 200 guests. If you anticipate your guest count to exceed this number please discuss this with one of our wedding coordinators as special circumstances might allow for the ability to accommodate over this number.

Can we extend our package by an hour?

Please discuss this question with one of our coordinators as each circumstance is different. Additional time will accrue an additional fee.

What is the cost of a Cash Bar?

The Service Fee for a cash bar is $175.00 up to 150 guests. Over 150 guests, an additional bartender will be required. The additional fee over 150 guests is $175.00.

What if I get married off-site? Can I use the venue for the reception only?

The venue may be used for the reception only and a $500 deduction will be taken off the chosen package price for having an off-site ceremony.

What is the cost for children and what age do you consider a child?

The cost for children ages 2-12 is $30 for Bronze/Silver Packages and $50 for Gold/Platinum packages.

Does the Pinery at The Hill offer Childcare?

Parents or guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children ages 0-12. The Pinery at The Hill will not provide childcare. If you choose to bring in your own childcare provider please note venue space is limited and the room utilized for childcare must be approved with your wedding coordinator.

Is tax and gratuity included in the list packaged prices?

Tax and gratuity is not included in the listed package prices and will be added at the 8.25% sales tax rate and 22% service charge. Tax and gratuity are added to certain portions of the packages, so please ask a sales associate for this amount. Additional gratuity is not required beyond the 22% service charge.

How long do I have use of the venue?

The Bridal Suite and Groom’s Lounge may be accessed at 10am on the wedding day. The allotted time for the ceremony and reception is six hours with the reception concluding by 11pm.

Can guests leave their cars overnight?

Vehicles left overnight will not be able to be picked up until 9am on the following morning, Monday through Friday. The facility may be closed on Saturdays and Sundays; therefore guests would not have access to their cars until Monday after 9am. Facility manager must be notified of cars being left in the lot.

Do you provide shuttle services?

We do not provide a shuttle service, but recommend contacting Grayline for any shuttle services you might require. http://www.grayline.com

Wedding Planner

Do I need a Wedding Planner to get married at The Pinery at the Hill?

It is not necessary to hire a wedding planner for your wedding at The Pinery. We will provide an event manager/wedding specialist through our facility.

Food & Beverage

Can I bring in my own food and non-alcoholic beverages?

All food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the package price and must be provided by The Pinery. No outside food or beverages may be brought into the facility.

What are your liquor/bar policies?

All outside liquor is prohibited and will be confiscated if found. As the sole licensed purveyor for the establishment, The Pinery at The Hill must purchase all liquor served. All drinks must be mixed. No shots will be served. The bar will close 30 minutes prior to the event end time.

Can I bring in my own wedding cake?

No outside wedding cake can be brought into the facility. All cakes must be ordered through The Pinery Bakery Shop.


Can I bring in my own flowers and décor?

The Pinery must provide all floral arrangements and no outside vendors may be used. You are welcome to bring in any additional accent décor that is non-floral related.

Will the allotted floral and cake “credits” cover everything I will need for my wedding?

The floral and cake credits stated in the package are a starting point for your floral and cake design. Depending on the bride’s particular floral or cake designs and final guest count, the allotted credit amounts may not cover the entire cost.

Do you allow candles?

Candles are allowed with the use of a candleholder or container. Dripless candles are required for tall taper candelabras to prevent damage to linens.

Can we drop rose petals?

Indoors: Artificial petals only
Outdoors: Real petals only

Can we hang any décor or fabric from the walls or ceilings?

We do not allow for décor or fabric to be posted, nailed, screwed, glued or otherwise secured to the walls, floors, ceilings or furniture.

What are the items not allowed in The Pinery?

Sparklers, Confetti, Glitter, Rice or Birdseed are not permitted (or to be thrown) anywhere on the property.


Can I bring in my own DJ or Band?

The Pinery at The Hill requires our Entertainment Director to be used for the Master of Ceremony and DJ services. A band may be used for music and entertainment, but we still require our Entertainment Director to be present to help with any AV related issues that could arise during the wedding/reception.

Are we able to use The Pinery at the Hill’s built in AV system?

The AV system and entertainment staff at The Pinery is included in all of our wedding packages. The facility has a wonderful sound system, specialty lighting, projector and screen. The Pinery AV/Entertainment staff is required on all our wedding packages. No outside AV is allowed to be brought into the facility.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

The Pinery at the Hill has a liquor license; therefore, you cannot bring alcohol to our facility. The Pinery at The Hill has many wonderful options for you to provide alcohol for your guests. You can provide a cash bar or hosted bar.

What is the cost of a Cash Bar?

The Service Fee for a cash bar is $175.00 up to 150 guests. Over 150 guests, an additional bartender will be required. The additional fee over 150 guests is $175.00.

What is the cost of a Hosted Bar?

Hosted Bars can be set up in many different ways at The Pinery at the Hill. There are several all-inclusive unlimited packages available. The packages can be viewed under the Weddings tab – Bar.


Wedding rehearsals will not be scheduled until 30 days prior to the wedding date. Wedding rehearsal dates and times are based upon venue availability.

We reserve the right to book an event on the day prior to the wedding.

Hotels & Transportation

Do you have a partnership with any hotels in the area?

CLICK HERE for a preffered list of hotels and transportation.


Can my dog be a part of the ceremony?

We do allow animals (domesticated pets) to be a part of the ceremony only. Animals need to be kept safe and on a leash at the facility and must have a designated caretaker. They must be supervised at all times during the event and while on our premises. Client is liable for all damages.

Set Up & Break Down

Who is responsible for setting up and breaking down my event?

We want you to relax and enjoy your wedding day with family and friends. The staff at the facility will work with you to make sure the event is set up for your special day.

Preferred Vendors

At The Pinery, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our Preferred Vendors have the same policies.

List of Preferred Vendors

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